Edible Books Festival Rules, Guidelines and Registration Form

A major component of our Devouring Children’s Literature event includes the display and competition of Edible Books on the theme of children’s literature. Edible Books are art pieces composed of food that are “bookish”—i.e., based on and represent a book title, a book cover, a character(s), a plot element or theme, or any other attribute or characteristic directly associated with a book, including its form.

Everyone who attends will be able to vote for their favorite entries in the following categories: Best in Show, Funniest/Punniest, and Most Creative Use of Materials! We will have awards for the winners of each of these categories. Our modest prizes will include beautiful children’s books.

Over the years, “edible books” have been made from cake, breadsticks, bread, rice, chocolate veggies, and a host of other edible materials. Every entry combines artsy fun with a healthy dash of creativity, and takes “literary engagement” to a new dimension. These art pieces, while primarily composed of edible items, will not be served or consumed at the event (in accordance with University policies about food handling). For examples of Edible Books, visit www.books2eat.com or Google “Edible Books.”

Rules and Guidelines:

  • To enter the Edible Book competition please register below by April 15, 2014.
  • The art piece must be composed primarily of edible materials. Exceptions include the use of toothpicks and minimal use of food wrappers. You may also use edible plants and flowers and food items that are not in their typical edible form, such as dry rice or orange peels.
  • Length/Width Dimensions of your Edible Book must be within 13” X 18”
  • By entering this competition you are agreeing to:
    • Drop Off your Edible Book to Scripps Cottage between 12-12:45 pm on Thursday, April 17 th (day of event)
    • Pick Up your Edible Book between 3-3:45 pm on the same day.
  • You may have another person pick up or drop off your Edible Book on your behalf. Of course you are welcome and encouraged to attend the whole event! In fact, as winners of the awards will be decided by popular vote, you are encouraged to ask your friends and classmates to attend and vote for their favorite Edible Book too.
  • You may work in groups of up to four (4) people on one Edible Book entry; however, it needs to be understood that should your Edible Book win an award, you will split the prize amongst yourselves (you will not each receive your own prize).
  • By entering the competition you are granting permission for the ChildLit GSA to photograph your Edible Book with the possibility of use on the group website or publication.
  • Edible Books must show up fully or almost fully assembled, as there will be little to no time for “installation” on location.
  • Please no explicit or offensive Edible Books.
  • Entries may not include living edible elements (i.e. lobsters, fish, chickens).
  • Entries will be on display for 2-3 hours, so they should not require refrigeration during that time.
  • We encourage you to bring an actual copy of the book your Edible Book is inspired by to display next to it.

Registration Form (Open until April 15, 2014)